Who's this guy?

I’m Colin, a 20-year-old photographer in Durham, NC, who was raised in PR. My father Ken Huth is one of the best PR photogs out there, and brought me along on shoots to show me the ropes ever since I was young. I fell in love with the business, and have officially apprenticed under him for several years now.

I’ve worked with everyone – college presidents and camp counselors, actors and technicians, graphic designers and CEOS, students and toddlers. I really do love it; helping businesses and organizations grow keeps me going every day. As my “Rates” page says, I’d do it for free, but I have to eat 🙂


Oh, and one more thing! In my off time, I do street & art photography, which is another huge passion of mine. Check it out under the “what I do” tab, or on my blog

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