I'd do it for free, but I have to eat.

Business Headshots

For that LinkedIn photo
  • One awesome portrait from a super-fast shoot
  • Convenient – at your location, on your schedule
  • Can’t beat a price like that!

Hourly Rate

For all your everyday projects
  • $150 minimum in Durham, $200 for longer drives
  • Flexible – I only charge for the time we use
  • Easy to schedule

Half-Day Rate

For bigger projects with more setup
  • Perfect for more-complicated projects
  • More-advanced light setups
  • An assistant, if needed

Other Costs

Special Image Prep

Because editing is a lot of work
  • I do standard editing on every shot free; this is only for unusual cases
  • $10 for extra photoshop/whatever you want on a PR shot
  • $20 for editing extra portraits ordered outside original agreement

Nothing Else

Seriously, no hidden costs, nothing
  • I’m an honorable chap
  • I bill you what I say I will, nothing more
  • I’m flexible on price for awesome clients